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Doing Something New

Date Written: October 5, 2017


I thought that it would be best,

If I try to get some rest;

But no longer could I wait,

For the news about your fate.


My hope is that you serve God,

Showing Him honor and laud,

Proceed to spread the Gospel,

Throughout to all the people.


Spread the Good News about Christ,

Let not yourself be enticed;

No matter of persecution,

Threatening execution.


I told you ahead of time,

They would judge you of a crime;

But judgment is meaningless,

Since it is ridiculous.


The Good News is faith and love,

That is flowing from above;

Giving you fine memories,

Written in your diaries.


Your faith gives encouragement,

Rather than discouragement;

In all the troubled distress,

But remember God will bless.


You know you go on living,

Because God is forgiving;

If doing anything wrong,

While keeping your faith strong.


Even though life can be tough,

You cannot thank God enough;

Through the joy that you rejoice,

Singing it out with your voice.


I pray hard both night and day,

Proceed to trust and obey;

Continuing to abide,

Letting Jesus be my guide.


Pray that the Lord will increase,

That your hostilities cease;

Being blameless in His eyes,

Giving wisdom to be wise.


Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

One comment on “Doing Something New”

  1. sunburned     October 8, 2017

    good scenario

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