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Eternally Revealing

Date Written: November 9, 2017


Heaven declares glory of God,

The sky displays what His hands made;

So we must then honor and laud,

While never being dismayed.


One day tells as our night shares,

Knowledge without being heard;

The Lord does know from our prayers,

Our thought of every word.


Yet, where their sound has come and gone,

Throughout of the entire earth;

The message travels before dawn,

When the sun shines for all its worth.


For it comes out of its chamber,

Like a bridegroom and champion;

Heating with its glowing ember,

Sprinting like an Olympian.


It rises up from in the east,

Circling over to the west;

Acting like a fiery beast,

Till it finally lays to rest.


The Word of the Lord is perfect,

For they are renewing the soul;

Dependable not to neglect,

For reaching a heavenly goal.


It makes gullible people wise,

As they will make your heart rejoice;

Insight to open up your eyes,

Radiance that shines from your voice.


For the fear of the Lord is pure,

As it will endure forever;

Your trials from labor it will cure,

As its trueness will not sever.


They are more desired than gold,

Sweeter than candy or honey;

Straightforward in being bold,

Worth more than all of the money.


Who can notice all the mistakes?

Forgive all of your hidden faults;

Help you to control as sin aches,

Shielding from satanic assaults.


Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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