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Finish the Race

Date Written: October 24, 2017


I turn to look at something,

As pointless under the sun;

What pleasure that it would bring,

Sounding like a lot of fun.


Some people are all alone,

No children or family;

For the Lord would not condone,

Any immorality.


Your hard work there is no end,

The work that you have to do;

But a time needing a friend,

For being loyal and true.


Eyes are never satisfied,

With riches but never ask;

Why Jesus was crucified,

That people took on the task.


Why are we working so hard,

And deprived of the good things;

Like many play the race card,

See the handouts that it brings.


Even this is so pointless,

A terrible tragedy;

Someone being so spineless,

Indicates no remedy.


Two people better than one,

For sharing in the reward;

For the race that has begun,

When finished we see the Lord.


If one fails the other aids,

But for one alone to fall;

With too many barricades,

Just like hitting a brick wall.


If two lie down together,

They are able to keep warm;

But for one in cold weather,

Will awake in frozen form.


I saw all the living walk,

Moving towards the finish line;

Where the Lord waited to talk,

To the winner as they dine.


Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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