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How Long?

Date Written: November 12, 2017


How long am I to cry?

But will the Lord hear me?

The violence is why,

Will He come set me free?


Why does He show me wrong?

And watches wickedness;

Destruction does prolong,

Having such aggressiveness.


That is why His teaching,

Like justice not held out;

Comfort from His reaching,

For easing any doubt.


Look among the nations,

Amazed and astonished;

With decayed relations,

Treaties have abolished.


Nations fierce and reckless,

They march throughout the earth;

Making others worthless,

Some lives not see their birth.


They are terrifying,

As well being fearsome;

Justice glorifying,

That has been so loathsome.


Their horses are faster,

Riders from far away;

Acting as the master,

Like a bird after prey.


They come for violence,

Face covered with a mask;

Have taken residence,

In their mosques that they bask.


They treat rulers as jokes,

In a refuge city.

Some treat it as a hoax,

No one will take pity.


They will move like the wind,

When God will show their guilt;

Not being disciplined,

From the sin that they built.


Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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