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Jesus Attitude

Date Written: October 26, 2017


Do you have encouragement,

Any comfort from the love;

A spiritual management,

Flowing down from up above.


Do you have some sympathy,

Compassion or the sorrow;

Maybe it is apathy,

About hope for tomorrow.


Then fill me in having joy,

Loving the same attitude;

Never trying to destroy,

What Christ had in aptitude.


Always live in harmony,

Keeping one purpose in mind;

Never causing agony,

Rather always being kind.


Have no selfish ambition,

And do not be conceited;

Consider inhibition,

Or you will be defeated.


So humbly think of others,

As being better than you;

Show respect to your brothers,

And always telling them true.


Have an attitude like Christ,

Showing others compassion;

Never to become enticed,

In any earthly fashion.


Christ took the form of a slave,

Humbly serving the masses;

God rescued Him from the grave,

To forgive your trespasses.


Compliant until the cross,

Obedient until death;

Our gain comes from His loss,

Life after our last breath.


So we must kneel and confess,

That Jesus Christ is the Lord;

And the Father sure to bless,

If living in one accord.


Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

One comment on “Jesus Attitude”

  1. Spiritual Honey 108     October 29, 2017

    Good. Good. Cultivate Christ nature to cultivate compassion. Yes. Excellent. Yes.

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