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Jesus Receives Sinners

Date Written: November 4, 2017


By faith we have approval,

Because we have peace with God;

For our sin removal,

Since Jesus has healed where flawed.


God through Christ we can approach,

Stand in front in His favor;

Christ is advocate and coach,

As well as our Savior.


For because of confidence,

We receive glory from God;

For Christ is our defense,

Because we honor and laud.


It is because we believe,

So we brag of suffering;

The glory that we receive,

Gives us so much buffering.


The suffering we endure,

For character it creates;

Since we know God has the cure,

For whatever aggravates.


We will never be ashamed,

To have so much confidence;

When we go out and proclaimed,

Because we have diligence.


All because God sent His love,

That has poured into the heart;

The Holy Spirit thereof,

Has given us to impart.


Christ died for the ungodly,

To die for others is rare;

Finding one would be oddly,

If someone willing to share.


Our Lord allows us to boast,

It was Christ that has restored;

A relationship inmost,

That states Jesus Christ is Lord.




Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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