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Judgment Throne

Date Written: October 18, 2017


I will give thanks with all my heart,

For the miracles God has done;

As I continue to impart,

While many others might shun.


I find much gladness in the Lord,

And make joyful music to praise;

Because He is loved and adored,

Through all of my nights and my days.


When any enemies retreat,

I know that they stumble and die;

Thanks to the Lord to help defeat,

Glory to the Lord up on High.


The Lord has defended my cause,

Sits on His throne as a fair judge;

Pardoned and healed all of my flaws,

Never once has held any grudge.


The Lord has condemned some nations,

And has destroyed wicked people;

That were having evil notions,

Causing religion to crumble.


The enemy has been finished,

Leaving in ruins forever;

Uprooted cities that perished,

A memory starts to sever.


Yet the Lord has power enthroned,

Has set up the throne for judgment;

Actions that He has not condoned,

They will have to pay a payment.


He alone is judging the earth,

Will judge its people fairly;

Judgment verdict for their true worth,

A justice that is just and squarely.


He is shelter for the oppressed,

A stronghold in times of trouble;

Safety from those who are obsessed,

In burying them in rubble.


Those who know the name of the Lord,

Will trust and not feel forsaken;

Because they will not be ignored,

So they are not overtaken.


Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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