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Letter Writing

Date Written: October 9, 2017


Do I have to show,

My sheepskin again;

People that I know,

Tell you where I been.


You are my letter,

That has been written;

As a go-getter,

Spiritual bitten.


Your heart knows and reads,

It is clear for you;

Spread the Gospel seeds,

Knowing it is true.


Let me make it clear,

You are a letter;

From Christ to revere;

Make your life better.


You are a letter,

Written not with ink;

For as a debtor,

Please take time to think.


Think of the Spirit,

Of the living God;

What you inherit,

Although being flawed.


A letter written,

But not etched in stone;

In the heart bitten,

Where it has been sown.


Christ has given us,

Such a confidence;

His presence as thus,

For the best defense.


Of just one person,

Is not qualified;

To proclaim the Son,

Who was crucified.


God gives us the skill,

As a living hope;

So that to fulfill,

A reason to cope.


Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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