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Managing Anger

Date Written: October 16, 2017


Get rid of lies and speak the truth,

Because we are all of the same;

Be not rude stop being uncouth,

Become humble having no shame.


Speak the truth unto your neighbor,

By putting away the falsehood;

Keeping thoughts about your savior,

That all He said is understood.


Become angry without sinning,

Take no anger into your bed;

Arguments are never winning,

Whenever your wrath has been fed.


Do not give Satan any chance,

For making a place in your heart;

Since he can easily advance,

Like a cancer after the start.


Allow him to no longer steal,

Rather merely let him labor;

Increasing your spiritual zeal,

On you he will lose his favor.


Thieves must quit stealing heart and mind,

Use every kind of road block;

Remain to be humble and kind,

Remember the doors you must lock.


Doing something good with your hands,

Something to share with those in need;

Be obedient to His commands,

And God will help you to succeed.


Do not say anything to harm,

No corrupt speech to proceed out;

Heed to the Word sending an alarm,

Whenever you have any doubt.


Speak only as to what is good,

That may give grace to them that hear;

Performing only what you should,

Action and words to be sincere.


So be kind to one another,

Tenderhearted and forgiving;

Sympathetic to your brother,

In harmony for your living.


Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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