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Mercy and Grace

Date Written: September 28, 2017


To the chosen lady,

Who is the one I love;

For she is not shady,

But is blest from above.


For the truth that we share,

But not the only one;

Knowing that God does care,

Since He did send His Son.


Everyone who knows,

The truth also loves you;

For we know how it flows,

More than we can construe.


Good will, mercy and peace,

Will always be within;

Through love that will not cease,

Blocks your leaning towards sin.


They come to us from God,

The Father and the Son;

Jesus Christ whom we laud,

His Spirit three in One.


Very happy was I,

You living in the truth;

Tears of joy that I cry,

That you are not uncouth.


So we love each other,

For love means that we live;

Like sister and brother,

Continue to forgive.


You have heard from the start,

God says to live in love;

Always keep in your heart,

Having thoughts from above.


Many people deceive,

For they have gone astray;

They refuse to believe,

Will not trust and obey.


They refuse to declare,

That Jesus is the Lord;

The Gospel that I share,

They merely have ignored.


I have a lot to write,

The Gospel to receive;

So you stay in the light,

Because you still believe.


Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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