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Mercy from God

Date Written: October 21, 2017


I thank Christ Jesus our Lord,

To whom I have loved and adored;

He appointed to do His task,

Trusting not to question or ask.


He has given me wisdom and strength,

To persevere at any length;

Even in the past I did curse,

Persecuted and had done worse.


I have been in the past so rude,

With an arrogant attitude;

He gave me His mercy and grace,

Under His wing He did embrace.


I behaved with my unbelief,

As I acted more like a thief;

But our Lord was very kind,

His kindness was easing my mind.


He brought me faith and gave me love,

That was flowing down from above;

Which did deserve complete credence,

Without possible impedance.


Christ Jesus came onto this earth,

For saving sinners for their true worth;

And I am the foremost sinner,

Whose life had changed as a winner.


He treated me with clemency,

So that other people could see;

Able to demonstrate patience,

Having a spiritual conscience.


Worship and glory forever,

A kinship that will not sever;

The eternal immortal king,

Praising in the songs that we sing.


Some refuse to their let faith guide,

They are unable to abide;

Their faith destroyed like a shipwreck,

Being beheaded at the neck.


Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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