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Date Written: September 24, 2017

Do you have encouragement?
Do you have comfort from love?
Or having discouragement,
From the silence from above.

Is there a relationship,
With the spiritual kingdom;
Or do you decide to skip,
The preaching of His wisdom.

Do you have the sympathy,
In displaying compassion;
Or display antipathy,
Or avoid through dispassion.

Fill having the attitude,
Giving you love and the peace;
That puts you in the right mood,
So hostilities will cease.

You will live in harmony,
Keeping one purpose in mind;
Making life a symphony,
Sympathetically kind.

Avoid selfish ambitions,
And never be conceited;
Having humble intentions,
Selfishness is defeated.

Humbly think of all others,
Not about your own interest;
Helping sisters and brothers,
Giving them comfort and rest.

Have the attitude as Christ,
Thinking on how He would do;
Let not yourself be enticed,
By what you want to pursue.

Christ humbled himself through death,
Obedient on the cross;
So we honor with each breath,
Giving us life for His loss.

The world will kneel and confess,
Because Jesus Christ is Lord;
All believers He will bless,
Showing that He is adored.

Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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