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Pay Attention

Date Written: October 1, 2017


Blessed are those who are concerned,

For all of the helpless people;

Have been taught but never learned,

The preaching within the temple.


The Lord rescues in troubled times,

The Lord protects to keep alive;

Forgiveness for all your crimes,

Renders aid to help you survive.


He will be blest throughout the land,

Placing no mercy for His foes;

He will pull you from sinking sand,

Restoring health when sickness flows.


The Lord will take pity on you,

Heal your soul because you have sinned;

If your confession has been true,

Be spiritually disciplined.


My foes will say terrible things,

Insults about when I will die;

Slandering that feeling hurt brings

Fabricating fake news to lie.


When one of them is visiting,

He is just speaking foolishly;

Words have a tendency to sting,

Knowing they have stupidity.


Everyone that hated me,

Whispers about me to gossip;

Thinking evil things that they see,

Devilish disease on their lip.


They would never leave my sickbed,

Wanting to torment and lament;

Until they would know I was dead,

Satisfaction being discontent.


The Lord will take pity on you,

Raising you up to pay them back;

With understanding to construe,

Building confidence that you lack.


God defends your integrity,

For He has become very pleased;

Thank God through all eternity,

Immunized from being diseased.


Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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