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Perks and Benefits

Date Written: November 2, 2017


Give thanks unto the Lord,

For He is always good;

Always loved and adored,

Forever as it should.


Grace endures forever,

With all the mighty things;

Mercy will not sever,

For the goodness it brings.


All about who can speak,

The things the Lord has done;

Everything we seek,

Praise the Father and Son.


Blessings worthy of praise,

Those who defend to judge;

Against the one who strays,

Not holding any grudge.


Always do what is right,

Remembering the Lord;

So He will give insight,

To stay in one accord.


He bestows salvation,

Shining favor on you;

With a new foundation,

To be faithful and true.


We see prosperity,

Joy as the chosen ones;

With the sincerity,

As His daughters and sons.


We have sinned, full of guilt,

And have done so much wrong;

Iniquity we built,

Because we are headstrong.


God rescues from my foes,

And willing to forgive;

If we confess those woes,

And bless so we can live.




Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

One comment on “Perks and Benefits”

  1. sunburned     November 2, 2017

    good, flowing

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