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Prayer Partners

Date Written: November 6, 2017


We know all things work together,

For the good of those who gather;

Those whom God has called to His plan,

Offering to each woman and man.


So true since He knows His people,

Who has read or not the Gospel;

Appointed them to have the same,

In form as His Son to proclaim.


His Son is firstborn of many,

Superior over any;

Approved of those whom He has called,

That has been cleansed where they were flawed.


What can I truly say about,

Keeping you from having some doubt;

If God is for us what we are,

Who can be against from afar.


God did not spare His only Son,

From a new life that has begun;

Rather delivered Him to death,

On the cross to breathe His last breath.


He will give us everything,

Along with Him what it will bring;

Those who God chose who will accuse,

Since His Son has paid our dues.


Because God has approved of them,

Who would really ever condemn;

For Jesus was brought back to life,

Giving us hope beyond the strife.


For us Christ also intercedes,

Cleansing our sins where He bleeds;

From the highest place in Heaven,

What the salvation has given.


No greater privilege to share,

Having a partner in your prayer;

Does not separate us from Christ,

And why Jesus was sacrificed.


Nothing can separate us from love,

As it flows from Heaven above;

I am convinced powers to be,

Works through the prayers that came from me.


Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

One comment on “Prayer Partners”

  1. Hope Davis     November 6, 2017

    The photo that you used lifted me up and reading your poem gave me an inner calm which I truly appreciated so thank you for sharing this……………..peace 🙂

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