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Rooted in God

Date Written: November 2, 2017


Your sin written with a steel pen,

And engraved with a diamond point;

On the tablet that is open,

With the oil that does anoint.


The tablet is upon your heart,

Upon the horns of your altar;

That in silence as you impart,

And impossible to alter.


Even your children remember,

Poles dedicated to their God;

Desires of burning ember,

Of the one they honor and laud.


On the high hills where the large trees,

On mountains of open country;

There is wealth blowing in the breeze,

Where has encamped the infantry.


God will turn treasures into loot,

Of your worship sites and your sin;

But it will not bear any fruit,

Since you are corrupted within.


Your inheritance you will lose,

He will give service to your foe;

For acknowledgement you refuse,

The true and living God to know.


You have stirred up rage and fire,

As anger will burn forever;

For the immoral desire,

Your bonding to God did sever.


Cursed is the person, who trusts man,

Who makes the flesh and blood his strength;

Turns away from God and His plan,

No longer on the same wavelength.


Your will be merely like a bush,

A tumbleweed in the desert;

Drifting and letting the wind push,

Too proud to allow to avert.


Bless the person, who trusts the Lord,

He will be a tree that takes root;

Flourished by the stream not ignored,

And will bear an abundant fruit.


Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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