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Searching Earnestly

Date Written: September 30, 2017


For the sake of Zion,

I will not stay silent;

But roar like a lion,

To complain to relent.


For I will never rest,

Righteousness shines like dawn;

Getting it off my chest,

Where salvation has gone.


Nations see righteousness,

As glory seems to fade;

Since kings think hopelessness,

Causing us to have strayed.


But your glory will shine,

And given a new name;

Child of the divine,

That the Lord will proclaim.


A beautiful crown,

In the hand of the Lord;

From Heaven looking down,

Being in one accord.


No longer will you be,

Considered forsaken;

For glory others see,

Since you did awaken.


Land no longer destroyed,

You will be His delight;

The land that you enjoyed,

A marriage in His sight.


Man marries a woman,

He rejoices your bride;

Wedded bliss has begun,

Through a spiritual pride.


God posted a sentry,

A watchman on the wall;

Vigilant on entry,

Makes any foe to fall.


No silence day or night,

When you call on the Lord;

For you are His delight,

You are never ignored.


Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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