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Sinful Humanity

Date Written: October 4, 2017


The anger of God is exposed,

From Him against the ungodly;

The warnings that have been imposed,

Immoral things they do boldly.


They are trying to suppress the truth,

A life of immoral living;

They are being rude and uncouth,

A life God is not forgiving.


What can be known of God is clear,

From the creation of the world;

Qualities of God are sincere,

As His plans have been are unfurled.


Because His eternal power,

In seeing His divine nature;

In fear godly men will cower,

Since they live as a new creature.


For we have been clearly observed,

In everything what has been made;

No forgiveness would be deserved,

All because they have disobeyed.


They knew God but never did praise,

Nor thanked Him for being their God;

Their thoughts are filled with pointless ways,

Sinful acts made them to be flawed.


Misguided minds plunged into darkness,

As they are claiming to be wise;

While hiding of their starkness,

Of wickedness within disguise.


They exchanged the glory of God,

For statues of mortal humans;

Idols that they honor and laud,

Not realizing of bad omens.


For this reason God allows lust,

That their thoughts and acts to control;

Sexual perversion to trust,

Letting Satan to have their soul.


They have exchanged truth for a lie,

To serve other than the Divine;

But Judgment Day He will deny,

Because God declares them malign.

Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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