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Stand Fast

Date Written: November 8, 2017


Joyfully sing to the Lord,

All of you righteous people;

Praise the Lord in one accord,

Worship Him in the temple.


Give thanks to the Lord through song,

Honor Him playing guitar;

Make the joyful noise prolong,

As to hear both near and far.


Sing a new song unto Him,

Playing organ joyfully;

Make all who are feeling grim,

Be smiling beautifully.


Play loudly and skillfully,

Because His Word is correct;

Trustworthy and truthfully,

That you can never reject.


The Lord loves the righteousness,

His mercy is filling the earth;

Justice brings out blessedness,

To those honored with new birth.


Heaven was made by the Word,

Breath from His mouth for all stars;

The voice of angels are heard,

Causing pulsating pulsars.


Waters gather in the sea,

He separates from the land;

As the fish are swimming free,

Venture not upon the sand.


Let all the earth fear the Lord,

Let the living stand in awe;

Letting Him be not ignored,

Responding when He does call.


We are alive for He spoke,

He commanded and was done;

At the dawning we awoke,

And our life had begun.


The Lord will block any plan,

That nations having unfurled;

In harming the righteous man,

Adverse affecting the world.


Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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