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The Best Portion

Date Written: October 20, 2017


You get rid of a dream,

As soon as you awake;

Though as real it may seem,

From the thoughts that they make.


Hearts fill with bitterness,

The mind seized with envy;

Feeling the soberness,

The end of a movie.


For the soul will be grieved,

As it pricked in the heart;

For what was once believed,

Enabled to impart.


Maybe being stupid,

Did not understand;

What the Lord does forbid,

Stated in His command.


Like a dumb animal,

Being just like a beast;

Something abominable,

And ignorant at least.


God is always with you,

Hold on to His right hand;

All that He says is true,

In every command.


With His advice He guides,

Taking you in the end;

As long as one abides,

He is always your friend.


As long as you have God,

You need not another;

Cure you where you are flawed,

If Christ is your Brother.


Body and mind decays,

God is your foundation;

As long as one obeys,

You will have salvation.


No doubt that you will die,

Unfaithful will perish;

Because they will deny,

For evil they cherish.


Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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