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The Conductor

Date Written: October 19, 2017


Examples of faith surrounds me,

I must get rid what slows me down;

For sin is causing not to see,

High water that would make me drown.


I must run the race as it lies,

Straight ahead and never give up;

Not to detour where it defies,

Where Satan tempts a poisoned cup.


I must focus on Jesus Christ,

For faith as our source and goal;

That lets me not to be enticed,

Which would cause the fate of my soul.


Christ saw the joy ahead of Him.

So He endured death on a cross;

Ignored the disgrace which was grim,

Experiencing such a loss.


But He received the highest place,

The throne next to God in Heaven;

As His glory shining its grace,

For the blessings that are given.


Think of Christ opposed by sinners,

So you do not become tired;

And become as discipliners,

As spiritually inspired.


You keep struggling against the sin,

But your struggles have not killed you;

Start to think on how to begin,

So you are able to construe.


Take heed when the Lord disciplines,

Do not give up when He corrects;

He is just pointing out your sins,

Along with the time one neglects.


For whom the Lord loves to chastise,

Scorns everyone He receives;

Especially who did baptize,

And says that he really believes.


Strengthen your tired arms and knees,

Keep walking along the straight path;

Feel His breath just like a cool breeze,

So you will be spared from His wrath.


Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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