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The Great Escape

Date Written: October 8, 2017


I desire you to know,

That all our ancestors;

Finally able to go,

As our Lord sequesters.


Skepticism from the crowd,

While walking through the sea;

By day, walk under a cloud,

To be able to be free.


They all remained united,

Journeyed through the wilderness;

The promise land as sighted,

Feeling their togetherness.


All of them ate the same food,

As they all drank the same drink;

Getting a spiritual mood,

Time to spiritually think.


They were given time to talk,

But the Lord had not been pleased,

While drinking from the rock,

But died since they were diseased.


This is only a sample,

For us as we desire;

For being an example,

For your lust to acquire.


So do not worship false gods,

As many of them had done;

What is evil which are frauds,

Not genuine as the Son.


People sit down for a feast,

Turn it into an orgy;

Acting like a wild beast,

Performing sexology.


There is never temptation,

Which may seem unnatural;

But to receive salvation,

Since it is more spiritual.


Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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