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The Life we Live

Date Written: October 10, 2017


We know that if the life we live,

Here on earth ever taken down;

If God did not ever forgive,

We would constantly wear a frown.


But we still do have a fortress,

An eternal house in Heaven,

Where we can relieve all the stress,

That this corrupt world has given.


In our existence we sigh,

Since we long for that sacred home;

Having sorrow that makes us cry,

Because sin has caused us to roam.


We will put a new body on,

No longer will we be as nude;

For a new life for us will dawn,

Giving us a spiritual mood.


How vulnerable what we wear,

Feeling so naked and undressed;

The mortal existence we share,

Is causing us to feel distressed.


God has prepared us for the end,

And has given us His Spirit;

Helping us cope as we defend,

Till we get what we inherit.


So we are always confident,

As long as we are here living;

For it is very evident,

All things that God has been giving.


God has a reason and purpose,

For how we live the way we do;

Guiding with a moral compass,

Through the commands that we once knew.


Your life is not guided by sight,

Rather by faith that we follow;

That is leading us to the light,

Able in keeping us hallow.


Each one of us has to appear,

Before the judgment seat of Christ;

Where we will need to be sincere,

About the sins that has enticed.


Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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