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The Lord Works

Date Written: October 15, 2017


I will give thanks to the Lord,

From the bottom of my heart;

Remaining in one accord,

Never letting it depart.


The company of people,

And in the congregation;

As we listen to the Gospel,

We enjoy the celebration.


His deeds are spectacular,

As we study to enjoy;

Nothing was vernacular,

An expression to deploy.


Glorious and majestic,

Righteousness is forever;

His work is so fantastic,

In every endeavor.


Miracles memorable,

Being so compassionate;

Nearly seem impossible,

Shows He is affectionate.


He provides for those who fear,

Remembering His promise;

A covenant that is dear,

To His children so precious.


His power has been revealed,

Through His works to His people;

In the inheritance sealed,

As foretold in the Gospel.


His works done are just and true,

Principles are trustworthy;

Specifically for you,

And given as a decree.


For they will last forever,

With the truth and decency;

Bonded as to not sever,

With having diplomacy.


The fear of the Lord begins,

The beginning of wisdom;

Whenever common sense wins,

Understanding His Kingdom.


Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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