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Truth Test

Date Written: October 6, 2017


Praise unto our God,

Father of our Lord;

Whom we honor and laud,

Living in one accord.


Through Jesus God does bless,

With spiritual blessings;

Though we deserve much less,

Because of misdoings.


Before making the earth,

He chose us to be His;

Even before your birth,

God has given a quiz.


For He chose us through Christ,

As holy and perfect;

So Christ was sacrificed,

For those who do reject.


All because of His love,

He did choose to adopt;

Come to Heaven above,

As His children to opt.


He freely chose to do,

For kindness He did give;

With those remaining true,

Will eternally live.


Through the blood of His Son,

We are set free from sin;

For victory is won,

In changing discipline.


God forgives your failure,

Overflows His kindness;

Because of the Savior,

Pours out His blessedness.


He gives us the insight,

Along with the wisdom;

Guiding us to the light,

To the heavenly kingdom.


For ancient history,

As God has had told man;

Revealed the mystery,

Already in His plan.


You heard as you believed,

Truth of its merit;

Guaranteed as received,

What you will inherit.




Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer

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