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Date Written: September 8, 2017

Whatever you say and whenever you say it, you’re right and you know you always are

You do not want any part of this magical experience, this disneyland of souls on fire

Sugar in a pie making the world ‘beep’ twirling and wobbling around in a circle, waves

Or frequencies of the energy and matter within the whole shebang, cosmic debris slaves.


It’s just fine, it’s alright, alright ad infinitum until the sweet dreams of creation, wink

In a nearly silent whisper when nothing other than black sky and sparklin’ stars blink

For a display to show you you right from wrong in the history of mankind, humans’ race

Laughing at the serious joke that nobody who knows anything, knows Nothing’s God’s face.


Bedroom doors or back seats of chevys, fords and dodges placed new sex acts in retrograde

Screamin’ ladies lovin’ to be loved by the spirits in the middle of the grind of roads and tracks

Just little and big animals, some smart and some dumb as oxen drones, no matter of life facts

Winks and nods before amorphous figures, symbolic jargon, shapes of batsheet, good’s raid.


Perfectly on the money with or without a lead’s rhythm and blues, rockin’ under star blankets

Pinkish-green sun’s setting, origins of a course in being real rock stars with no stage of debts

Fans pay to watch and hear living beings from the plastic grooves of lasers and boss speakers

Favorite fantasies about sex and places that we went and that we know, I know who wonders.


Not drunk, just full of easy notions of blockage to a way out of the crowd’s force of the Many

Controlling nothing but spirits you find moving along the Way, true self, spirit, your souls

Being the only one left when everything else is all said and done, locked up tight as a penny

If the condition for happiness, the end and be all of existence is knowin’ Truth of black holes.


Frozen margarita for you and me, sipping the nectar of cacti or worm drowned in effigy’s id

How we got here, where we go, who we are, you, me, relatives, blessed or shamanically hid

Ancestors and descendant ones in karmic relief and utter disbelief of the dream in a dream

High probability that the mystery is hidden to prevent mass lemming-like suicide of cream.



r j j stephan, I { #GetBackInLine #NickelbackYouBroughtMe?}

c. September 7, 2017 Thursday @ 10:10 AM PST

{ drafted while shootin’ Cosmic Cow Pie grazin’ in the ‘grass’ up in Marysville, California last PM with no change… #FeedingTheMachine Nickelback B-) git git @ https://youtu.be/tKNViWGJbZE }

3 comments on “QUENCHED”

  1. ricoSacto     September 8, 2017

    #Starstuff @Starstuff @ricoSacto #ricoSacto #TheRealtyThing

  2. ricoSacto     September 8, 2017

    she brought me to a #Nickelback concert in Marysville….. #Nickelback, she brought me to #Nickelback…… it was stunning in the grass under the starlight of NorCal! #BRAVOZULU #ricoSacto

  3. comnpkpillai     September 8, 2017

    Dream is only a dream
    People are given spiritual hopes
    Giving a lot of future dream
    But crashing in hopelessness.

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