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Date Written: September 4, 2017

No way to know for certain when you're blinded by the clear light comin' down from the only One

With no shining, burning ball of compressed gas in the middle of the void's blanket of speckle ways

Paths of each speck on their own journey outward and away from the center of the fired gun

Everybody has a bullet with their name on it, we all have the same name, it's an ad hominem survey.


If you're either a man or a woman and your childhood wasn't too traumatic, no permanent damage

In your head or on your body scars from the whippings, beatings, switchings, turn to the last page

The end is all it says with no other beginning from scratch, ignorance or painful neglect, pity the fool

Taught to talk and walk, arms too short to be a quadriped, hairless, a mere naked homo sapiens tool.


Awakened by the light of the alpha star, the sun blazing in through the hole agape in the black wall

That I am the black hole itself is not dawning on my conscious perception, since I have been KO'd

Like all of the lights literally went out and then I felt a dream was ending and I was waking up to fall

From my previous judgements and conclusions regarding the nature of reality and the reason we bawl.


You care about everything on Earth, above and below the ground, caring so much that you'd hate to say

Moving your unanimated skin and bones from day to day, year to year and then retires an elder's old grey

Bent over due to pressure of gravity on the skull and bones, forgetting everything you should have recalled

Surreal product of numbers generate a mathematical uncertainty in revolution, Time's squashed sphere circled.


by r j j  stephan, I  { …just a shout away, just a shout away… #SCREAM the rain will wash it away! }

c. September 4, 2017 @ 9:11 AM Labor Day Monday

{ written while listenin' to @Matchbox20 #3AM & HITS on youTube link @ https://youtu.be/C-Naa1HXeDQ }

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