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The End of Me

Date Written: September 4, 2017

Before me lays the bay and sea
Embraced by low lying hills and hollow
As sheep mow the burnt-out grass quietly
Youth is suspended awaiting ends follow.

A cool breeze caresses the sun lit sky
As the sea sits placid and calm
Across my back fingers of time crawl by
Tormenting disposition with great aplomb.

The songs of youth are no more sung
As this heart of burden, worried be
Peers have evaporated into the beyond
As the years have passed so quietly.

Love of life was a stalwart flourishing pine
Violently maimed as though by bolt and thunder
Youth embrace, not that which was mine
Life set the end of me through violent plunder.

Copyright ©2017 Robert James Tucker Sr. 
BSc Computer Technology, MSc CISM, PhD Philosophy


One comment on “The End of Me”

  1. RJTucker     September 6, 2017

    This poem was written in malaise because of the age of the author, who realized that though not much changed through his life, except for the fleet of time.

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