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Fake News!

Date Written: October 26, 2017

I am not amused, with all this fake news!

Hitting the Internet by storm ,taking over, as if this is  the norm.

Lies and deceit,

Seems to repeat and repeat.

Escalating to a million tweets.

Is that what the world has come to?

Is it to get your ratings to spike,

because of some some stupid loves and likes?

Is it that our reality is too real , that we we hide behind the fake and untrue.

Is it that we are so gullable that we jump on the band wagon too!

When will the fake news just stop and come to an end,

The world has more bigger issues to resolve, my friend. 

Let's talk about  the truth for a change.

Let's think about more relavant information  that we can exchange……

to make the world a better place,

Let's talk om improving the human race.

 Please people make haste!

Stamp down the fake news!

Because like me, I am sure you are not amused!


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