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Date Written: October 29, 2017

Suddenly a burst of thoughts and inspirations come to me‎,.

urging to be brought forth to life !  

Sometimes it starts with just a simple phrase ‎. 

Or it flows like a raging river ‎, unleashed and untamed.  

A rush of excitement, fills by inner being,

My blood boils like bubbles in sparkled wine‎. 

This vision seems to transcend from a higher place.

Feels like walking on streets of gold.  

As the pen forms the words,  the creation of something magical begins.  

As if trapped in a lions den, the beast is now released.  

But also like a dove, so tranquil , with this rush of peace.  

When the words spring forth to life ,

A new story emerges, will it inspire, or  stir desire?

Will it provoke, this   revolution of words.  

Expressions of what is real or unreal, now sparks the imagination ,

Begging to be shared, to be set free into the universe.  

Vulnerable to criticisms and varying interpretations .  

But that is the exciting risk‎, leaving a long trail to ponder.

I now release, like a caged bird being set free, 

Waiting for the next train of inspirations, already on its destination to me.   

4 comments on “Poetry.”

  1. sunburned     October 29, 2017

    Excellent ,very well stated…….kudos.

    1. RKasha     October 29, 2017

      Thank you for your kind words!

  2. v.v     October 31, 2017

    You just explain how I feel everytime i write a poem.

    1. RKasha     October 31, 2017

      Hi V .V! Only a poet will know right! Happy to inspire and thanks for your kind words!

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