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Peacocks Noel Sacredly

Date Written: October 29, 2017

This was a fuel like no other 
A feather love me down hard work of 
 gifts of mastery 
Robin Renewal smiles came about 
so willing and substantial Awwi 

Her Eightfold path of wisdom 
Like a fire phoenix Peacock birth 
of the Kingdom. So pure thoughts of 
immortality. His eyes winged her Imagery 
Belladonna feathers and family gathers 
Next one Madonna more feathers they lather 
The White Peacock of the Nirvana 
Here comes Ladybird Oh! Donna 
One chosen Bird called Prima Donna 
Roaring waters to feather their soul 
Then bam crash Kaboom lost control 
Then a thump what happens a race 
with Peacocks and Forestal Palace 
of Gump, a box came a hoot some loot 
a screech Madonna didn't preach 
Then an Arabian Shiek 
The peacock feel in love 
"Ever-Smiling" Spiritual place to seek 

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Robin Carretti

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