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Date Written: September 16, 2017

He's the juicy press wording her

He could almost eat her

The phone is ringing.To tease her
My cantaloupe is waiting…
 He's hooked on the phone
Sex call paint stroke of masturbating.

 He needs to pay me now.

Boy does she know how

The call comes slice and whip cream 

Like that was bite of my neck dream
 I am getting more juicier.
He wants me the way I am raunchier

Juicier and hot dipping
He can’t wait to ripen her Lipping
How his hands lead down her.
Hot warmth build around her
This is the ripe season.

 We don't have to explain
..My fruit went all over his groin.
Sex call Cantaloupe it's not a poll.
The fruit got all wired…
The cantaloupe laid out wet sexy desired.
 Caught in a web hot as hell.

Who would want forbidden fruit his lips will tell
. He wants to juice her dripping to seduce her. 
The phone was ripe as can be. 
The sex call came threesome deep in.
 He’s slicing the passion fruit. sin.
She says juice me with the smile.

 I don’t need distractions. I am the cantaloupe.

That partridge in a pear excuses.

The wrong fruit pair. Watermelons like demons

Please no clean lemons were dirty White shirty

Fruit lips geared Flirteeey

Sex call Hottie
 Passion Fruit. Like a stock Wolfie how he repaired.

The Swiss Alps deep throat down.
 I am juicing inside like French roux.
She climaxed.
 I am so aroused with tricks and stunts.

That website to make her nipples juicy and tingle. 
The fruit how it pushed our lips like
 Christmas poinsettia. How it wet her
Under the mistletoe, he met his Sweet French

in the morning sex is never boring. Alluring
What a Rudolf red beat her clitoris so notorious.

 She's the hot one slaved over animalistic

the video camera so hot erotic
 He watches.she jumps like a puppet

He's King's speech sex cravat she wants it.
Cantaloupe phone to preach.Just  love bite

She takes a bite pomegranate passionately.

Such competition Miss Mango doing her

Sexy juices in her tango
So seductive and sometimes submissive.

He’s hard to the core so wickedly aggressive.
She dresses down with her ruby I phone apple.
All sins are forbidden drench Snapple.

 Called Fruit red district love restricted.
 She feels his ripple amazing love to be

Womanly nipples what's behind smashing dimples
Everything we imagine in our minds to gain.
 Such a need again.
 Our passion fruit always remains

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