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A Journey to Return

Date Written: October 20, 2017

Let me sleep as I recall this

To a dream where I found bliss

In the breeze which I could kiss

A journey far from home

A nation worth to roam

To the West, but not to Rome


For a place long’s held ‘til then

To flock as one yet not as friend

In an old touch of stone and men

Along the way that strangers passed by

When autumn wind blew leaves to die

Not a home, my heart didn’t lie


Day was young, the sun shone high

A scene of hills and green to pass by

Another home, this mind did fly

The shining stars, embrace their light!

Within the breeze in the chill of night

With taste of love in the pale moonlight


Coast to coast beneath the sun

The sandy shore where I should run

To say goodbye though it’s undone

The hills and green I never doubt

Speeding steel that cut through cloud

The old houses, they’re fading out


A journey taken to heed the calls

For a story that made of walls

Kings and servants, and tales of halls

A clash of men that made all these

Another home, another breeze

Another goodbye, heart set to freeze


A travel further than a mile

To a place far cry from a smile

Yet love was seen from a distant mile

City of love too soon to leave

Such beauty too hard to believe

Aboard the dawn train, I must leave


I’ve called you, I’ve heard them

Him or her, I’ve known them

I’ve seen you, I’ve met them

Heart and mind, some things from you

To remember, makes it all blue

To recall you, heart needs no clue


A tearful gaze in the dark of night

A scenery of street and light

Whispered a hope to all what’s bright

Wished upon the distant star

For memories, not a single scar

Tears of heaven poured from afar


Let me sleep as I recall this

To a journey, a flight to bliss

A promise not to end this

A man to rise not gold to earn

Someday I too will take my turn

By sweat and blood, I will return

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