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Bourgoise Resolution

Date Written: October 1, 2017

Bourgeois resolution.

A poem in Three Voices for added 4th part Harmony.


Synthesis Speaks to introduce, And Thesis, Anti-Thesis and Synthesis dialogue

The conversation revolves and we find

Revolution plagiarizes past mistakes.

In Consensus the three Voices resolve and entreat your contribution dear reader for a fourth part, shall we harmonIse.




Start here with your own experience. Bring here your

open mind and trust your instinctive feeling for truth.

As resolution of discord demands a return to the tonic. The Tonic for our dissonant condition is a harmonic resolution to the Chord of Nature.

∲6/8 bb :



In a diary of a nobody, Mr Pooter,

is everyman and woman. Striving.

Petit Bourgeois, discordant with

their lot, in earnest to impress.


Anti Thesis


Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness,

inalienable rights , the laws of Nature

and of natures god.A constitution

written for a usurping class, claiming

authority, a reflection of common sense, 
and pained to see. This revolution of , by and for Whom?


As the victor writes history so the powerful pass laws to satisfy their own ends. Power only represents the powerful.



Moyenne Bourgeoise and Grande

Haute Bourgeoise. A Class cuisine, Escoffier

Classical Aspiration. One acquires,

A bourgeoise aesthetic, Petit Bourgeoise Sycophancy.



Will the Chef of the constitution,

Taste his own cooking.

Does he as a class walk the walk and talk the talk

Or is it ; do as I say and not as I do.

An appeal always made, at once

to Authority.Follow faithfully, blindly.


Ask they who would your bidding do. Listen to your life's story, History, His History will not be yours? Be heard.



Pygmalion's elocution for the ordinaire.

Les rois et philosophes merde-et

ainsi de faire des dames. Conventional

pieties of the extraordinaire, Elite.


Écoute Et Répète, Listen and repeat

Learn by rote and do not question,

To Each that has shall be given,

those who hath not will be punished,

Know ones betters and issue scripted

speech when spoken too, Obsequious.


Do not blanche before appearance of grandeur.

Pompous ceremony seeks to silence chafing curiosity.





How readily the pecking order

has regiments in line , volunteers

to a false consciousness of liberation by

societies consumptive ills, Polysemous


At the sign, Obey and join the

que. Wait your turn and receive

your due. Punch the clock and

Answer the bell. Ask not for whom

the bell tolls, The bell rings the benefit

makes a gift of what is rightfully yours.


The hand that gives also takes away. Often the gift

merely returns that which was stolen from you.





Citizens within a polity, city state

yet the peasants range free of sophistry

Freemen in the confined spaces

offer conformity to the graduated mould.


Glamorous flashing city lights

Suburbia within commute of higher

Dreams. A stairway to real Estate heaven.The only Ladder, oh to be

upon the bottom rung and rise.Dreams for mortgage, no hostage to Fortune.


Sophistication often masques ignorance. The humble and rustic often belies an appreciation of what truly is.





Calliopsis or Magnesia where poets

slave to familiar rhymes and themes

Not golden or silver words but workmanlike

fashion hymns of safe iron and copper.


On The city on the hill,

Songs sung to green and pleasant lands

My Country Right or wrong

Patriotic duty, above the evidence

heroic deeds, laurels earned

Myths of Wagnerian operatic spectacle.


Behind the claimed reality

of how things are lies a deeper truth clothed in the noble lie. He deceived by the noble lie is excluded as unworthy of an opinion.





Where Stockholm once commanded

St-Petersberg in that peculiar syndrome

did the people know of freedom, which noble lies

will accommodate the others', too Slumber.


A common purpose, to ideals,Shared

and narrated from Cradle to grave.

History written in our victorious mood

Always times distant, always yesterday

A better day , a past nostalgic searching

For a future, yet to become tomorrow.


Being keen to please and seeking approval from authority feeds ego and starves the real self.


An irony of words pretending a meaning

which no longer holds and yet

serves to bind a convention, a grip

that hampers the gait, Barre the pedestrian.


Witty Double entrendre to pacify,

Laughing at the otherness, not of

our own genre. Bending of wills

or an ends of a means which makes

a meaner mind , setting examples

Cruelty for kindness sake, who´s End?


The devil takes the hindmost. Trampling upon the unfortunate excuses elitist privilege. There but for the grace of privilege

go they!





Self censored by a Mean temperament

no longer just and a bespoke Key

The city gates envelop to constrain

Invention no longer a prize, only too fit.


Which mode of government befitting

The cadence of Timocracy, Oligarchy

or the tyranny of democracy, Which?

A key to unlock the wealth of timbre

Trusting in the chastity of greed

the diabolas in musica. Descend below.


Discord or overbalance

corrects naturally. In a system where gross imbalance and discord is evident are we to believe that harmony was ever thus.


As poets slave to the set rythym

so a ruling Class Slaves to support

its very tyranny, no purpose theirs,

tis only to own be owned and Owe.


There is no Alternative, leave behind

your utopian dreams of youth, Grown,

reality demands that you sing Our

democratic song making it your own.

No third , way. Just the chord of power.

Ambiguous, A Capitalist mode production.


Power is an end in itself.

Seeking power to reform injustice is a contradiction in terms. For harmonious consensus all voices must

strike a chord.




Oh such discordance felt heard seen

demanding resolution. Harmonies equal

in temperament to guide back home

to the unity. One full revolution


Tracing the musical image in

Camra obscura, inverted and

opposite, do you see what it is yet

As the tonic marks a tranquil resting

place so conformity leaves us resolved

resiled and not reconciled Trapped


Power relations beget power relations, As the wheel of history turns repeating mistakes of previous revolutions.


As the wheel turns a revolution

as a harmony resolves Resolution

A new hub for human consciousness.

Not the machine now but organic.


Yours to follow little people

Know your place and praise

Elite heroes, distant an shimmering

As all mirages inspire the thirsty

to crawl into the oasis of illusion

squeezing blood from exhausted humanity.



As resolution of discord demands a return to the tonic. The Tonic for our dissonant condition is a harmonic resolution to the Chord of Nature.




The conversation has revolved and we find

Revolution plagiarized its past mistakes.

In Consensus the three Voices resolve and with your contribution dear reader a fourth part, harmonIsed. Or perhaps we as yet have to find a resolution , play on and seek new voices for our symphony of freedom is not yet written and least wise played freely with authentic joy.


Others we invite TO ,


Start here with your own experience. Bring here your

open mind and trust your instinctive feeling for truth. :D.S. ∲ ::



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