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you are not enough…

Date Written: October 11, 2017

People will brand you through their eyes,

By their truths and by their lies,

They measure you by the choices they made,

They may see you weak, for they never braved.


They will use their life to validate yours,

You see a blessing and they see a curse,

They will make you feel insignificant and small,

They may be hurt and they do not want you to fall.


They will use fear and make you doubt,

Their absence is something you cant live without,

You are never enough, in whatever you do,

You are unworthy, because that is how they see themselves too.


You are what you say, you give what you have,

It is either the more of hate or love,

If you chose the light, then inspire,

If you have the darkness, your words burn like fire.


They will say that you are never good and you never start,

You lost the faith in your mind and heart,

People may forget the words, but not what they felt,

This is why they fold in every hand they were dealt.


I want you to believe like you were a child,

Pure, raw, real, magical and wild,

A broken spirit needs love to heal,

You may not say it, but in your heart I can hear.


Do not fight it, it will be a loop of hate,

Do not ignore it, but never be in that state,

Do not accept the hate or make them to hurt you,

Respond with love in whatever you do.

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