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A Poem for Mary

Date Written: September 28, 2017

Never knew my heart could hurt so much, I only loved you from the time I gave birth to you, I raised you the best that I could, You had a roof over your head, food and clothing, but nothing I did for you was good You have slandered my name, you have used me like I was some kind of dirty game, You have talked smack on me behind my back, You don’t acknowledge the love and good things I’ve done for you Instead you’d rather have me locked up, like an animal in a zoo Everything you’ve told people about me behind my back Has been nothing short of lies in a major attack Shame on you for the way you treat your mother, There is no one on this Earth that could love you like I do, but you believe the other He has a hold on you, so insanely strong, You stay with him no matter how wrong He’s going to be your downfall And I know you’re so smart, beautiful, and on your own, you can stand so tall Your dreams were to be a singer  Now in reality, you are a dead ringer for a porn star, bringing shame upon your name Education was so easy for you, your intellect so obvious, and others wanted your brains Unfortunately, you chose someone that controls what is supposed to be your thoughts,  But, I can’t believe that what you say is what you mean, I know I wasn’t an angel, but I did give you all my love and protection from every evil being, A roof over your head, nutritious food to nourish you, and clothing to keep you from being bare naked, and a comfortable bed Now you choose to make decisions that are not even in your head, you let him put the thoughts and actions that you would dread Don’t let someone else speak and think for you, your education and brain have taught you how to be true and you know what is wrong and what is right I hate to think I wasted all my time raising you right Please wake up from the façade you’re in, before it’s too late and I never see you again  From the bottom of my heart, I will love you forever, But from your heart with your words, you’ll love me never I’m so sad about the things you’re going through But it’s not up to me, it’s up to YOU  

Forever my baby, I love you!  

Rose N. Jackson

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Image A Poem for Mary Never knew my heart could hurt so much, I only…
by Rose N Jackson
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