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What is time ?

Date Written: September 2, 2017

What is time?

Time is a slime,

Shapeless, yet, it’s life’s prime,

Time was never found,

It is not bound,

Not by you, not be me,

Time is, was, and will forever be,

A straight line speeding toward the end,

The end of everything that we know,

The world will decay, and we will go,

Going with the flow,

Oddly, time is speeding up lately,

We became exhausted, breathing barely,

Painfully and sadly, we are aware and conscious,

Intimidated and anxious, that we will cease to exist,

That someday we’ll vapor into a shapeless mist,

Time often has this impact,

To go swiftly when we need it the most,

But now all hope is lost,

Time has a cost,

So as your skin wrinkles and crumbles,

Your bones crash and your body stumbles,

Don’t you now feel humble?

Don’t you regret wasting TIME?

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