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Bullet Proof Pills

Date Written: October 5, 2017

Once I said, the pills are just like sheilds. History has taught us that sheilds always break, some may be stronger than others, but sthey can still break. How do you expect them to get better, if all you do is sheild them from their emotions, or cut them off completely? Humans need emotions to be humans, and all you are doing is creating robots. How are we supposed to learn to get over it if you won't even give us the chance to face it? It's been tested, but not ever proven, nothing is truely bullet proof. You can make bullet proof things, but someone will just make a stronger bullet. What do we do when that bullet hits us? Do we stre in confusion at the hole in our chest while our old emootions break free? Or do we just swallow more pills and wait for the next blow? Pills are not bullet froof, and we are not robots.


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