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Wishing For You

Date Written: September 23, 2017

Once apon a time you were mine

I was yours, I gave you my all

Will I ever love again

Well who knows, who realy cares

After my heart's been ripped from my chest

I don't think I can ever love again

You see the problem is you still hold my heart

I know you don't love me

And you and I could never be

That's fine I'll just sit here wishing for you were mine again

Though I know that wish will never come true

Just sitting here wishing for you

3 comments on “Wishing For You”

  1. Anonyma Magnifique     September 23, 2017

    …a sad poem of broken hearts and yearnings…a common occurrence on love’s eternal journey…!!

  2. elvis sinatra     September 23, 2017

    biggest, prettiest flower ever!

  3. PhazerPPlaya     September 26, 2017

    Very poetic and expresses love 😛

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