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Rondeau After A Play

Date Written: September 12, 2017


“Life before me? The play was that banal.
And Aryan, poor boy, he was so dull.”
Of course, that upset her, she’s smitten;
I’ll show you the bad poetry she’s written.
You want to help? Rhyme her something nice with seagull.

I went backstage, he looked lustful.
“I spoke with him, all he did was babble.”
You think I’m unaware of this burden?
We two are very close, I know very well her life before me.


“Forget her, take my heed, you’ll be grateful.”
We first met on a sultry night like this, one April;
She kept talking about stars, all I did was listen.
Over the years I've fallen for her passion.
I want her to be mine but I’m not that cruel;
If she won’t have me, I’ll just let her get back to her life before me.


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No image Rondeau After A Play  “Life before me? The play was that banal.And Aryan, poor…
by saurin
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