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Date Written: October 26, 2017

What is it in this life that everyone is searching for?

Love, money, power, or is it just that they want more?


People running to and fro, from morning until night.

Not stopping long enough to see that life is passing them by.


Always in a hurry, caught up in this senseless race.

The race against father time, only he never slows his pace.


As some achieve their goals that they have set in life.

They realize they're not satisfied and become full of strife.


What a waste of time, they think, for all that I've obtained,

really means NOTHING once it's mine and everything's the same.


You need to stop and smell a rose or watch a bird fly by.

See the sunrise in the morn, or the stars shine in the night sky.


Go talk to a lonely person, who doesn't have a friend.

Take some food to someone hungry, then a message you will send.


The message is that we're not here just to make our own way,

but to give LOVE to someone else and put a smile on a sad face.


Life is precious and shouldn't be lost for the sake of material goods.

Take a few moments each day to DO instead of saying I SHOULD.

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