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Date Written: October 26, 2017

Who am I? Am I the person with dark hair and brown eyes? Am I the person who works hard, loves animals, draws and writes poetry? Who am I really?

I am the eternal spirit behind this superficial shell that we all wear daily. If any of my physical traits changed tomorrow, I'd still be me. If I had a tragic accident and became terribly disfigured, I'd still be me. If I changed my hair color and lost 50 pounds, I'd still be me. I am the spirit who inhabits this house of flesh. This house of flesh which most people judge one another by. Physical attributes cause others to stare if we are "different" or not "normal". The color of our skin can cause hatred and violence. How ignorant is our society to be so superficial.

Who we are is not what we see with our eyes. It is so much deeper than that. We are spiritual beings and the beauty of life lies within. The spirit that exists in the pulsating now. We are all connected, learn to live in a higher realm, the spirit realm. Look beyond the physical and see the inner beauty of people you meet. Be slow to judge and criticize, love and accept others without prejudice. See the person behind the corruptible shell we all reside in. We are spiritual beings and if you will choose to see others this way, it might just make this harsh world a better place to live.

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