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Date Written: September 13, 2017

You lie there, naked and estranged 

Chains interlock around your mind

Stranded are your thoughts, into the deep unknown 

This trespasser has made your mind it's home


Damaged memories and ancient regrets gaze into your soul

All happiness has become abandoned 

The demon demands complete attention 

After submission, you're led into a new dimension 


Morally bonded to hell by the chains made from your deepest fears

Releasing blaring screams while gasping for air

Flashbacks of the unforgiven bring full misery

Scars remain for eternity due to bad history 


Never to escape the deepest chamber of your own conscience 

Vast thoughts burst through your temple as if you will escape this hell

By demand you shall be enslaved by this state until further notice 

Depression is the mud, and you are the lotus

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