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Date Written: September 5, 2017

3am deep at thought 
A purpose still being sought 
On the tip of the mind 
Like a sharp knives edge 
Deadly thoughts that linger by 
Making me wonder why I'm here 
Fearing the presence of those I hold dear For the disappointment on their faces If they knew my minds places 
Like a frowned dancer 
Trying to make her way through Or a gentle flower 
Drowned by the morning dew Being loved in a social gathering But fearing what society is asking Holding back a beast in thee That just wants to break free 
It makes its holder freeze Oblivious to the slightest breeze A mind uncomfortable to bare Anxieties deadly lair 

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Image ANXIETY 3am deep at thought.
A purpose still being sought.
On the tip…
by Sean Ellis
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