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Country Life vs Technology

Date Written: September 13, 2017

Technology, what can I say about you? 
We live in a fast paced life, and you help with that 
We thank you 

Technology, what else can I say? 
You are easy to take down, ruins our days 
We curse you. 

Country life, what can I say about you? 
You force us to slow down and take in beauty. 
Your landscapes are breathtakingly real. 
We thank you 

Country life, what else can I say? 
We do the work ourselves, no computers needed. 
We know what it means for hard work vs “hard work”. 
We thank you and curse you for that. 

Technology, you put more stress on us than needed. 
Country life, you put stress on us for sure 
Yet it is our own fault 

I don’t know about those who read this 
But I would prefer the country life 

What’s your ideal life? 
Do you love the fast paced life? 
Or would you prefer to slow it down? 
Take it in?

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