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Date Written: September 13, 2017

Earth, fire, wind, water. 
You come into my body as a cleansing. 
Elements of the earth rejuvenate me. 
Earth; You are the one that keeps me steady. 
Fire; You are the one that warms my heart and soul. 
Wind; You cleanse my mind. 
Water; You cleanse my body. 
As I center my mind, body and soul,  
I can feel the world shifting. 
My mind is clear. 
I know now what I can do. 
With the elements at my side, 
I can do anything. 
Earth; I know you can break me. 
Fire; I know you can scar me. 
Wind; I know you can move me. 
Water; I know you can push me. 
While in Mother Nature's hands, 
You can look beautiful or destroy cities. 
I ask you this, elements of the Earth. 
Help me clear my mind, 
As I will help cleanse your body.

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