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Bright sunshine

Date Written: September 23, 2017

Night seemed long as unknown feeling was withiny heart

Tried to sleep but his smile woke me up

heart beat raced  every second passed like an year

waited for tthe day to Dawn and my thoughts which were drawn to be coloured

My heart was heavy and I wanted to somehow

​​​​​​Reveal my love

like a  flower I I opened my feelings like a petal

the longing was like the sun rays which beamed

my emotion gurgled like waves and his eyes

drew me which look bright like sun 

as the wind blew like flower sways my love

For him bloomed

i waited for him to tell but he remained quiet

time ticked I felt no more sunshineand I left

with heavy feeling

birds were chirpingthe wind was blowing

suddenly I heard a song of love .I remained cool

He hugged me and said he would never part

the day was memorable day .the moment my love shone like sun



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