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Weltschmerz Walrus

Date Written: September 12, 2017

Fragrant flamingos festoon my fantasies
In fervid, fickle fellatio
I masturbate irrationally in mirrors
Conforming to nobody's dream
Erections, inspections, have they no faith?
Avarice will determine our mendacity
Containing varying imputations
Or Satan's permutations
Have defiled your grace importune
Destitute, I levitate my indifference, though
Metallic corridors of grief have no shelter
For I whither amongst the bones of defeat
In defiance of your immodesty, I fart loudly
Supplicating to your frozen female part
Your pit of demons whence love has no neighbour
Malodorous and jismic, unwashed, nay, foetid
Wherein no man should seek trophies
The miasmic and egestic abomination
'tween fat poles of bedevilment and corruption
'neath rancorous cascades of harrowing blubber
I submit to your inglorious sex mine
Prurient ambitions dashed along its rotten shores
Lugubrious at your treacherous duplicity
Our love evaporates 'mongst the filth
Empathy for the walrus having risen
Beyond an infinity of misdirection
Availing of your misconception
For the penguin shall never be vanquished
Empirical and majestic, eschewing callous monks
He is louche, yet he groans for no beverage
Yonder, he skips gaily 'cross the snowy desert
Of your hatred

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No image Weltschmerz Walrus Fragrant flamingos festoon my fantasiesIn fervid, fickle fellatioI masturbate irrationally…
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