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Date Written: September 5, 2017

My heart is like a light house, Im not the one in control, Each light has a story, And each story has its toll.

The lights in this lighthouse, May be quickly dimming down, But give me all you can, And my lighthouse will light again.

One light went off last year, Broken by a sweetheart, She left me in pieces, My lighthouse fell apart.

The next light, shattered… Through ones hurtful personality, When will someone come, To light my new reality.

Waiting comes through time, And with time, comes pain, Patching up my lighthouse, To save all that may remain.

A poem, may rhyme, May be sad, may be happy, This poem i write to show you, That my lighthouse is quite crappy.

Its lost a lot of light, Through experiences in the past, But what is left inside, Ive realised it can last.

Last me to the day, That i find the one for me. Though those lights are now dim, She wont let this fate repeat.

Instead of taking another light, From this now fragile heart, She will make it glow, fix the lights, And prove to you from the start.

That she was the one, You should of looked for, Instead of letting, Anyone through that door…

To that special lighthouse.

One comment on “Lighthouse”

  1. River.Ophelia     September 28, 2017

    I found this tender and moving

    “Each light has a story, And each story has its toll” – very nice and truthful line

    thanks for sharing this one

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