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The Faerie Prince’s Wood Sprite Bride

Date Written: October 15, 2017

Dappled sunlight shimmers in to ancient oaken stand

A small and cosy clearing to witness fasted hands.

Friends and family together close; the queen and king stood near

The Prince awaits her anxiously; his bride to soon appear.


In the shade of oak and birch a reflection caught his eye

There stood the Wood Sprite in gown of white; a most exotic butterfly.

Her gown adorned in glittering jewels of autumn season shades

Veil of frosty silken spider web by elven hand was made.


She steps over tree-lined threshold to the centre of the glen

A time when she looked more alluring; he could not remember when

They clasp their hands; the familiar jolt reminds them of the now

And there they stand, face-to-face to declare eternal vows.


Once the ceremony was completed, a kiss to seal their promise

The crowd had gathered round the pair at once to pay due homage.

A full moon rose, the feast began; the bon fires were built up high

The music rang; the orange glow reached far into the sky.


The party lasts long into night; they yearn for peace and quiet

And he so wants to show his bride the gift he had acquired.

A palace grand and crystalline the moonbeams shone within

The hearth-fire glows an orange pink so warm and welcoming.


So amid the riotous revelry he whisked his bride away.

To consummate their marriage vows until the break of day

There on a bed of softest down he caressed her skin, pearl white

Then locking lips in ardent kiss; loved her ‘neath the full moon’s light.


Written by Siona Robertson
ÓCopyright 2016

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